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Care & Health Information

English Bulldogs are in our  opnion the most amazing four legged companion. At Heartland Bulldog we take the health and care of our bullies very seriously. We love and charrish each and every bullie and we treat them as part of our family. They fill our hearts with love and laughter everyday.  We hope that you are just as passionate about your bulldog as we are. Below is a list of information that you should know when you are considering purchasing a bulldog puppy.

Food & Water:

-Feed your bulldog a Quality Diet. English Bulldogs required a higher protein diet. When choosing a food for your bullie, make sure the #1 ingrediet is meat.This will ensure you dog is getting as much protein as possible. The English Bulldog breed as a whole has a chance of being allergic to grains. Some bullies may require a Grain Free food. Here a Heartland Bulldog, none of our adults have this allergy. Our food of choice is Purina One. We choose to feed a mixture of hard and soft foods just because we feel they are getting a better quality meal and they are a bit spoiled. When a puppy is growing, they need a little extra calcium and fat. We recommend adding cottage cheese to their diet for the first 6 months to help them grow and thrive. We also feed our nursing mother a diet with cottage cheese in it to promote good milk production and healthy growth in the puppies.

-Providing Fresh water to your bulldog is important. No one wants to drink old, stale water so do not make you puppy drink it either. Fresh clean water also promotes healthy natural tears to keep bulldogs eyes health and clean.

-Don't forget the treats! Whatever treat you decide to get is up to you. Just make sure your bullie enjoys it and is not allergic. We also recommend substituting a treat with one that cleans your dogs mouth to promote good, healthy teeth and gums.


-When bathing use a high quality gentle shampoo. For puppies we use Johnson & Johnson (human) baby shampoo. This shampoo is gentle on their skin and eyes. For Adults we use Top Paw Shed Control Shampoo. We recommend scrubbing your bully with a rubber, shed control brush or mit. We bathe only when necessary. Here at Heartland Bulldog we like to play outside and at the lake often during the summer so our bullies get bathed all of the time. Beyond summer, the frequency is about every week.

-For ears, we place cotton balls in their ears while bathing. English Bulldogs tend to have a higher chance of getting an ear infection. By placing the cotton ball in their ear, you reduce the risk of your bully getting one. We also gently clean their ears with a Q-tip or wet wipe everytime they are bathed to reduce build-up.

-For wrinkles we recomend cleaning them out with a non-scented sensitive wet wipe every 1-2 days to minimize tear stains and build-up in the wrinkle. English Bulldogs have a higher tendency of getting yeast infection in their wrinkles. When they are cleaned frequently, you minimize this risk.


-Provide a nice bed or sleeping area for your english bulldog. Make sure you wash it often. Bulldogs tend to droil while sleeping. A bed that has droil all over it can promote a place for bacteria to grow. Bulldogs an get bacterial infections on the skin very easily. A nice bed is also your bullies specific place where it is just theirs. They love knowing they have a place in the house of their own.

-Keep your floors picked up. Bulldogs will try to eat about anything, especially growing puppies! It is possible for your dog to eat something it was not suppose to and could cause a blockage in their digestive track. If you think that this has happened, contact your vet immediately.


-Take your bulldog to the vet regularly for health check ups and shots. This will ensure you dogs will remain health for most of its life. All of our bullies, parents and puppies, are seen by our vet on a regular basis. Our vet is amazing! He genuinely cares about everyone of our dogs/puppies. He knows them all by name and ensures all of them are always absolutely healthy. When you are selecting a vet, ask if they have had experience with English Bulldogs. They are a one of a kind breed and their health needs are different than most dogs.

-Give your bulldog a vitamin suppliment. We recommend NuVet Plus. This vitamin is a great well rounded vitamin that keeps your dogs immune system strong and boosts your dogs over all health. It helps fight potential sicknesses in your dogs like colds, urinary track infections, or stomach issues. It also helps with watering eyes. And they taste great so your dog thinks it eating a treat.

-Play with and love on  bullie every day for and extended amount of time. This should be a standard with all dogs but especially English Bulldogs. Their is nothing like the unconitional bond from a Bulldog. Why wouldn't you want to love and play with them!

-Always look for pink gums. English Bulldogs gentically have large soft pallet which can block their airway when they are excited and playing. If their gums start to turn a little purple, your bulldog is not getting enough oxygen and you should stop playing immediately. Let your bullie settle down and rest. Once rested, check to make sure thier gums are pink again. If gums are not pink again, seek immediate vet attention.  This does not happen often but the potential of it happening is there.

-Keep lemon juice on hand. Lemon Juice is very helpful when you bullie is having a hard time breathing because of built up flem and mucus. Squirt some in their mouth if this happens. This can be a scary situation without it. Always take your dog to the vet as soon as possible if this happens.

If you ever have any questions about your English Bulldog, you are welcome to contact us and we would be glad to give you advice. Please note that we are not veterinarians and do not claim to be. Advice that we give is not meant to replace the advice of your vet or cause you to not take your bullie to the vet if they are sick. If you ever have any doubts in their health condition always seek attention from your vet.

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